Sunrise Stepanakert Art Festival

Sunrise Stepanakert Art Festival

Join us to experience
art, film, music, and more.

30/06/2023 - 09/07/2023

Art is a way of survival:
we create, we heal,
we thrive

In times of tragedy, we are thrust into darkness. Our emotions, sentiments, and perceptions grow dull. Our souls get trapped in the dusk. We remain caught between the past and the present, grappling with loss and grief.

Yet, times of tragedy also bring to light our resolve and our resilience, our voice and our valor. This is what guides us to the other end of the long night – towards healing, growth, and strength. In this journey towards our future, we rediscover ourselves and others. We rediscover what binds us to our community, our nation, and our land. We find purpose in love, hope, and light. We find sunrise.